Group decision

Last Monday, on a semi-sunny afternoon, Matt, Sarah and I met up for our first group training session. We hadn’t seen each other in person since that rather memorable evening at the Wesley Anne.

Rushall station was the easiest place for us all to meet then decide on distance and terrain. It’s funny when you’re in a group choosing a suitable workout; it seems to take forever and a day to get an answer because there are always too many questions.

“Should we run a flat or do hills,” Sarah suggested.

“I don’t mind, what do you guys want to do,” Matt tried to answer.

“I’m cool with anything,” I undecidedly said.

“Well I’m happy with either, I really don’t mind,’ Sarah added.

And so it went until one of us, and I still don’t remember who, opted for the flat road.

On a path parallel to Park St we set off from Clifton Hill through Carlton side-stepping the cyclists chiming past and families out and about enjoying the wind and freezing cold air. There really wasn’t enough room for us to run next to each other so Matt got stuck with the short straw, dodging pedestrians, it made for some good entertainment.

A little over 3km later we reached Princes Park and indulged in a little more umming and ahhing before settling on some sprints. We each raced through two 100 meter sprints across the length of a soccer field. It was just enough of an adrenaline jolt to cruise on back to Rushall.

I found chatting to be hard. I cannot stand hearing myself breathe while I run— which is probably why I am never without my iPod— so when I tried to talk to Sarah it seemed to take twice as long to get a sentence out with all that gasping in between each word. Yet I gave it my best shot and knew when to shut my mouth when the breathes outweighed the words. In the end it made the time fly by.

Back at Rushall we waved goodbye to Sarah then Matt and I continued on through Merri Creek. We were getting close to 9 km but honestly, I was a bit over it by then and really struggling to hold a conversation. Of course Matt was doing fine, with energy to spare and barely a puff in him.

He managed to run home after that which took his mileage up to 13 km, quite the feat!

Sarah managed 8km for the day, rather remarkable given she had run close to 17km two days before.

And me, I stopped at 9km, red faced but still energetic and very certain on my decision to go and get a coffee.


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