Up yours knee

Alas, I am injured. Due to this injury I am forlorn, thoroughly disappointed and on the brink of channelling my 20-year old existential self. But I must stay strong.

After two consecutive weekends of running a half marathon I awoke the day after the second to a knife-like pain creating an obstacle in my morning routine.  

I couldn’t walk without a limp and my adopted gimp sent me into a quick depression that quickly erased all the hard work I had prepared for to ready myself for the forty two point two.

The mental let down was far worse than the excruciating physical pain.

I went back to yoga and took to the pool to keep my cardio up and pretend that everything was all right when I knew full well that I should have opted for crutches to conduct my day to day.

There was, however, a silver lining to all this despair. I was informed by my doctor that my knee was actually fine and dandy, I had merely injured the tendons in my hamstring and lower thigh, causing the stabbing ache.

Heal time, she said, was approximately 10-14 days. Now if I factor in the 5 days it took me to admit I couldn’t walk and thus hobbled into the infirmary is it safe to assume there are only about 5 days left until l’m ready to run, or am I being to optimistic?

I am going to wait til Sunday to make my decision on whether or not I run the full marathon as the last thing I want is to snap the tendons completely. Til then, I’m hanging out with a stiff upper lip to see if this knee torture dissipates or lingers enough to wave the white flag.


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