New goals

I am sloooowly increasing the distance I run each week. The week before last was three 3km runs, this week was three 4km runs and next week is three 5km runs (are you seeing a pattern here?).

Although it’s very frustrating, I’ve realised that two of things I really enjoy about running are the feeling of freedom and the sense of achievement. Ironically, being forced back to the beginning has actually restored those feelings.

There was nothing fun or free about trying to train for a marathon with an injury. Cutting back on distances while recovering meant I incessantly worried I wasn’t training enough; setting out on long runs made me fret my foot would give out half-way and I’d have to limp home. Basically, I was training for an unrealistic goal which, unsurprisingly, was not at all rewarding.

There’s a certain sense of relief in returning to a running program that I already know I can easily do. As well safely building up my mileage, I’m also slowly regaining confidence in my ability as a runner. I’ve even entered my next three events! The Spring into Shape series is held once a month in September, October and November. I have entered the 4.2km, 8.4km and 12.7km events, respectively.

The thought of running nearly 13km fills me with joy. Suddenly, I have a goal again! It’s certainly not the one I set out to achieve, but making it to 13km injury-free seems both realistic and, more importantly, sustainable. I would rather take my time building up to that distance again than risk permanent injury. I’ve had quite enough “no running” time, thank you very much.

There’s 8 days to go until the first event and I’m already excited. Suddenly it’s not the distance that seems important, but that rush of adrenaline that comes from lining up at the start.  I want that sense of pride that comes from knowing I’ve trained to be part of the race. 13km is certainly not what I set out to run, but it’s something, and I’m slowly learning to be grateful for that.


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