Onwards and upwards I plod

Last week I went for two absolutely awesome runs; those ones where you jump mid-air because it’s fun, smile at strangers while waiting patiently at traffic lights, and generally feel like you could run forever.

Those are the runs every runner keeps going for. They are awesome.

It was only once I got on to long-distance (relatively speaking) running that I realised it could be like that. I assumed that feeling was only achievable if I was running to the point of exhaustion. It has therefore taken all my willpower to stick to my ‘three very short runs per week’ regime.

Here’s the funny thing: neither of last week’s awesome runs were more than 5km. What a massive relief to realise that feeling of exhilaration is still within reach!

I wish it hadn’t taken an injury and an aborted marathon training attempt to make me realise this, but,  I really do like running, no matter the distance. I’ve just got to keep my reminding myself of that.


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